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Reminiscences of a
Journey to Lithuania

Thursday 8th May at 8pm
Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania
Jonas Mekas, Lithuania/USA, 1972, 82 minutes
Phoenix Brighton, Waterloo Place, BN2 9NB. Tickets: Free / Donation

In tribute to filmmaker, poet and champion of underground cinema - Jonas Mekas. Pioneer of the diary film, Mekas confirmed the 'home movie' as a film form in itself. Reminiscences is one of the finest examples of intimacy ever put on celluloid.

Completed in 1972, it's a film journey in search of a place to call ‘home’ - a place to which everybody returns as to the central point of his or her life.

As Mekas writes, “The film consists of three parts. The first part is made up of footage I shot with my first Bolex, during my first years in America, mostly from 1950–1953. It shows me and my brother Adolfas, how we looked in those days; miscellaneous footage of immigrants in Brooklyn, picnicking, dancing, singing; the streets of Williamsburg.
"The second part was shot in August 1971, in Lithuania. Almost all of the footage comes from Semenisıkiai, the village I was born in. You see the old house, my mother (born 1887), all the brothers, goofing, celebrating our homecoming. You don’t really see how Lithuania is today: you see it only through the memories of a Displaced Person back home for the first time in twenty-five years.
“The third part begins with a parenthesis in Elmshorn, a suburb of Hamburg, where we spent a year in a forced labor camp during the war. After the parenthesis closes, we are in Vienna where we see some of my best friends—Peter Kubelka, Hermann Nitsch, Annette Michelson, Ken Jacobs. The film ends with the burning of the Vienna fruit market, August, 1971.”

‘Transcendental experience of dream-like reminiscences. Beautiful, so beautiful, so real and human. A Journey back into Mekas' own memories. This pearl is essential to watch. Please do.’ Lex Lucas MUBI Notebook

Iberian Visions: Experimental
and Auteur Cinema from Spain

Friday 7th June at 8pm
Iberian Visions: Experimental and Auteur Cinema from Spain

Phoenix Brighton, Waterloo Place, BN2 9NB.
Tickets £5

Open Colour offer a glimpse into current experimental and auteur cinema from Spain, screening a selection of films praised at major festivals and from directors who are slowly making their mark nationally and beyond.

Night Without Distance
Lois Patiño, 2015, SPA/POR, 23 mins
An instant in the memory of landscape: the smuggling that for centuries crossed the line between Portugal and Galicia. The Gerês Mountains knows no borders, and rocks cross from one country to another with insolence. Smugglers also disobey this separation. The rocks, the river, the trees: silent witnesses, help them to hide. They just have to wait for the night to cross the distance that separates them.
'The single best short film in Wavelengths and one of the best films of the year' (Michael Sicinski, MUBI)


Our Friend the Moon
Velasco Broca, 2016, SPA, 15 mins
Hadji is a disabled young Hindu man who lives humbly, close to the river Ganges. After losing what little he had, he is accepted as a disciple by a strange spiritual leader of Russian origin. This alliance will lead them to some bizarre incidents that will have consequences throughout the other parts of the West.


Luis López Carrasco, 2017, SPA, 23 mins
Tesa Arranz, a key figure in the 1980s Madrid scene and the lead singer of the Zombies, has painted over 500 portraits of outer-space creatures.
'A magnificent documentary about one of the most characteristic figures of the eighties in Madrid, and about this decade, its figures (Almodóvar, Zulueta, Berlanga, nobody escapes the memory of Tesa) and this necessity of López Carrasco to construct new narratives from Spain’s contemporary history. A fantastic endeavor that wants to rescue the fundamental discourses of a generation that is “now in power, trying to manipulate and control any dissident discourse”. This articulation of the personal portrait and the testimony of the social array, is what makes the Spanish filmmaker so special. A VHS treat in 2017 (José Sarmiento Hinojosa, DESISTFILM)


The Entrails
Elena López Riera, 2016, SPA, 16 mins
On a hot and sticky summer afternoon in a town in southern Spain, a woman skins a rabbit with her bare hands, as dogs, children and the elderly look on, entranced by the daily ritual of death.


Info: Open Colour is a series of experimental film, independent cinema and rarely seen classics running in Brighton, UK. We usually screen monthly, sometimes more. If you make films, have ideas, or want to help out with shows drop a line. You can join the mailing list here too - opencolour@yahoo.com

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