Open Colour is a film group bringing independent, experimental and rarely screened cinema to Brighton, UK. It's been quite an interval and we're looking forward to getting our projectors rolling again after the Summer. We'll see you in the dark sometime very soon...

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'A Super 8mm camera just made a little soft buzz somewhere, somewhere on the lower east side of New York, and the world will never be the same. The real history of cinema is invisible history: history of friends getting together, doing the thing they love. For us, the cinema is beginning with every new buzz of the projector, with every new buzz of our cameras. With every new buzz of our cameras, our hearts jump forward my friends.' On 100 years of Cinema - Jonas Mekas / Paris 1996

Has the Film Changed or Have You Changed? Re-enactments and imaginings: Cinema Remodelled Season coming soon. Pictured: The Waltons (Anne McGuire /USA)



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