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Thursday 28th September at 7.30pm
The Friends Meeting House, Ship St., Brighton, BN1 1AF

Part of Scalarama 2017 and The Brighton Digital Festival

Isiah Medina, Canada, 2015, 65m

One of the most rapturously acclaimed and hotly debated experimental films in recent years, Isiah Medina’s incendiary debut is an explosive digital diary dealing with ideas about time, love, philosophy, poverty, and poetry, all erupting within a densely layered montage that is as formally rigorous as it is emotionally raw.

88:88 depicts Medina and his friends trying to make sense of life’s chaos and confusion in downtown Winnipeg, through a convulsive video collage of fragmented footage — notes, sketches, reality and re-enactments. Edited from a variety of sources including RED camera, mobile phones and 16mm, the film progresses by way of a mathematical pattern of construction / deconstruction / repetition, creating a poetic, disjunctive tempo that ambitiously mixes late Godard, hip-hop freestyling, and Greek and French philosophy. Converting the flashing 88:88 clock - the reset display that appears when power is restored to dwellings - into an equation of love and infinity, Medina’s film seeks to explore alternate ways of being in the world, resulting in one of the most unique representations of class and race in Canadian filmmaking and sounding the arrival of a fresh new voice. – TIFF

'A bold debut feature that audaciously rethinks the possibilities and language of cinematic form. A powerful and original new voice has been discovered.' - Sight & Sound

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