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Thursday 28th September at 7.30pm
The Friends Meeting House, Ship St., Brighton, BN1 1AF

As part of Scalarama 2017

Isiah Medina, Canada, 2015, 65m

Referencing the digital display of electric appliances after the power’s been repeatedly cut off, Isiah Medina’s audacious experimental work – one of the most acclaimed in recent years – has been loosely described as a personal meditation on love, knowledge, poverty, friendship and family in his hometown of Winnipeg

Taking inspiration from the French theorist and political activist Alain Badiou, Medina uses his first feature-length work to document the life of his friends living in a low-income neighborhood, mixing avant-garde techniques with candid moments of raw emotional force. Scenes of a couple lounging in their bedroom and friends skateboarding on Portage Avenue are carried along by a hazy soundscape composed of intimate monologues about family struggle, existential conversations, and tracts read aloud.

'A bold debut feature that audaciously rethinks the possibilities and language of cinematic form. A powerful and original new voice has been discovered.' - Sight & Sound

'A stunningly photographed, radically edited work that merits comparison to late Godard… that is, if Godard was raised on hip-hop and without money.' - Mark Peranson, Pardo Live (Locarno Film Festival)

Tickets £5


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